Upstate NY Families for Effective Autism Treatment
Learning Disabilities Association of the Genesee Valley, Inc.
Advocacy & support for families with children ages 5 – 21
Better Days Ahead/Mental Health Association
Advocacy & support for families of children with behaviorial and/or emotional problems
Phone: 585-325-3154 x 16

Parent Action Center/Rochester City School District
Information about a variety of agencies, support with solving problems involving schools
and child care programs, and computers for parents to use on site.

Parent-Educator Resource Library (PERL)
Vurrent information about disability related topics

Guide to Recreation & Other Inclusive Programs (GRIP)
Database of recreational facilities in Monroe County for children with physical disabilities

Rochester Regional Library Council: Roaring CAT
Catalog of materials on a variety of topics, academic, puclic and school libraries

Special Education Training & Resource Centers (SETRC)
Monroe 1 BOCES SETRC 585-249-7024
Monroe 2 Orleans-BOCES SETRC 585-352-2443
Rochester City SETRC 585-262-8486